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A royal seaside resort since the nineteenth century, the Portuguese Riviera rose to international fame as a favourite haven for European royals in the early twentieth century, earning itself the title of Coast of Kings and inspiring Ian Fleming's James Bond along the way.

Combining the allure of a former fishing bay with opulent palaces, the region exudes a strong cultural appeal in a setting of unrivalled natural beauty only a stone's throw from the Portuguese capital.

The Portuguese Riviera


Portfolio Overview

With over 400 projects completed between Lisbon, Estoril and Cascais, the atelier's work is a reflection of the essence of the Portuguese Riviera – arguably more conspicuous in its architecture than in any other feature.

Renovations & New Construction

The atelier's renovation portfolio encompasses both classic and modern architecture, from emblematic nineteenth-century belle epoque palaces to early modernist buildings scattered over the coastline from the ’40s onward.
As of new construction, the more than 50 private residences designed by Nunes da Silva in Quinta da Marinha alone have established a style of their own, shaping a recognisable imprint on the landscape while paying tribute to the Costa do Sol's legacy.

Classic & Modern Architecture


With profound respect for the Portuguese vernacular, the studio approaches traditional architecture with a strong understanding of twenty-first-century needs.

Whether it is a matter of renovation or new construction, the studio is a firm believer in the importance of respecting each period, making the most of contemporary insights in light, space, comfort, techniques and materials while remaining faithful to historical and traditional features.

An advocate of the minimal with soul, the studio embraces the freedom inherent to a modern language through restrained spatial narratives.


Working in a setting where early modernism made a significant mark on the Portuguese architectural expression, the studio interprets historical and new properties starting with the experience of the place, focusing primarily on usability, synaesthesia and sense of belonging.


Atelier Nunes da Silva | Estoril, Cascais & Lisbon Architects

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