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About the studio

Founded in the ’90s by António Nunes da Silva, the studio has developed an extensive body of work ranging from traditional Portuguese vernacular to contemporary architecture.

Housed in a 1920s palace in Estoril, the studio focuses on the kind of private residential projects that rendered the Portuguese Riviera famous, including numerous villas in Quinta da Marinha and Quinta Patino. Intrinsically connected to their surroundings – a historic bay regulated by strict construction laws – the studio is also adept at renovations, whether it be the revivification of a derelict mansion or a modernist take on a nondescript building.


& Ethos

Based on extensive technical insight, the studio's focus on light, proportion, materials, space fluidity and overall quality become evident. Working primarily in spaces of great natural beauty, the relationship between interiors and exteriors is subjected to comprehensive study.
The concept of the home as a personal haven and a stimulator of well-being permeates every project.
In line with the human-centred approach to design, a transparent, attentive and rigorous attitude in all processes is embedded in the studio's ethos.

António Nunes da Silva

After graduating from Lisbon's Faculty of Fine Arts in 1980, António joined a renowned architectural practice and soon acquired a role of great responsibility. 


From his very first major project, António drew inspiration from the Portuguese vernacular and gave it a contemporary spin through new dynamics between space and volume, different interpretations of classic features and materials, and an integrated approach to interiors, exteriors, surroundings and narrative.

Over a decade at the same firm and later in a practice of his own, Antonio imprinted a recognisable style upon over 400 projects, without ever repeating the same formula.


Atelier Nunes da Silva | Estoril, Cascais & Lisbon Architects

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