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Commercial Project

A luxury resort amid the pines echoes the original spirit of the Portuguese Riviera

Home to a five-star hotel and a set of private apartments, the Sheraton Cascais was devised by Atelier Nunes da Silva as a quiet, unpretentious retreat amid the pines.


Paying tribute to Quinta da Marinha's beginnings, the resort draws on the French chalet aesthetics of gabled rooftops and simple lines introduced to the region by investors from the Côte d'Azur in the late 19th century.


The Riviera Spirit

In light of the massive 27,000 square metre constructable area, the architectural project focused on minimising the building's visual impact, and used the plot's 110,000 square metre total area to convey the feeling of inhabiting a vast pine forest.
While respecting programmatic requirements, the construction was designed to blend in the best possible way with the verdant surroundings: painted in a peach rose tone, the two or three-storey houses match the trees around them.
On the rooftops, the use of the Marseille tile – a lightly curved style unlike the typical Portuguese design – softens the building's visual clutter, while emphasising the region's legacy.
In the true Riviera spirit, the ground-floor apartments' private gardens encourage an outdoor lifestyle, and the upper-floors’ large balconies likewise invite one to bask in the abundant Cascais' sunlight.
From any given perspective, only a fraction of the buildings are visible.

Atelier Nunes da Silva | Estoril, Cascais & Lisbon Architects

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