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Classic Architecture

A traditional villa in Quinta Patino in dialogue with the enveloping canopy

In one of the best plots in Quinta Patino, the house is one of the first projects in what would soon come to be known as the best resort in the region. With a construction index twice as low as that required by law, the resort has distinguished itself from the beginning, in the 90s.

Facing the golf course – which had marked the northern limits of Estoril until then – the house is erected on a large plot on the edge of a pinetum and following the Portuguese architectural traditions as required of the resort at the time.


A matter of rhythm

In line with the site, the architectural plan draws from the surroundings to capture the rhythm of the canopy and the particularities of the terrain.


The many roofs of different heights and shapes, the play of façades either extending outwards or in retreat – the terrace, the porch, the bay window, the first floor – echoes the dense vegetation. The bay window, evoking the approximately circular shape of a pine, adds to the organic feel.

The project speaks Portuguese vernacular in all major features: the red-tiled rooftops, the white façades, the stonework of the columns and window frames, while introducing a few more contemporary elements.


Without compromising the integrity of the traditional lines, the studio breaks with the standard dimensions and broadens the windows’ grid to make the most of the view.



House and garden

The interior architecture follows the classical principles with wooden floors and the delicate woodwork of the orthogonal staircase, boiserie on the walls and ceilings, and built-in furniture.


A soft contrast between white and light grey bathes the interiors, intensifying the greens popping out of the garden through the many windows and skylights.

In a recent revamp, the atelier enhanced the exterior areas to allow for better year-round use of the house and garden. The terrace and the porch were significantly enlarged, opening space for a wide living and dining area, perfect for alfresco dinners.


Beneath the loggia’s vaulted ceilings, classic stone columns frame the pool shimmering turquoise below, and the myriad pines above.



Atelier Nunes da Silva | Estoril, Cascais & Lisbon Architects

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